Change is a part of life as well as business.  We face changes, whether big or small, that we must manage effectively in order to come out thriving.  Over the past few years I have faced many changes in my personal and professional lives, such as getting married, entering an MBA program, and managing acquisitions for work.  Even my blog is going through a change as I move away from my previous focus on leadership and organizational behavior to the topic of change management.  Through all of these changes I have learned a tremendous amount about how to manage change and how to help others understand the value of change.

Over the past year and a half I have been focusing on acquisitions of small pieces of business awarded to the company I work for.  My role as project manager involves establishing the plan for to transition the newly acquired business and then executing that plan with the assistance of various other team members.  Now being on my third, I can say that I have learned a lot since the first transition about how change should be managed effectively.  The lessons I have learned from each previous transition have helped me in planning subsequent transitions in a more effective way.  The opportunity to manage multiple acquisitions has peaked my interest in sharing my experiences and best practices in change management to hopefully help others to have the tools to effectively manage change within their own lives or business.

The two most important things I have learned from these experiences are that people are the most important and dynamic part of any change.  The second is that communication is key; not just any communication though, but rather clear, honest, consistent, and frequent communication as this provides the foundation for trust.  These are the two main areas I will be exploring throughout the posts on this blog.  My goal is to intertwine my own experiences in change management with changes other companies may be going through that may be highlighted in the media.

2 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Change management and project management make for such great skills in that both rely on managing expectations and motivations towards a future state.

    I look forward to exchange notes and thoughts on organization integration change management. This is an area that many businesses never realize directly challenges business revenue strategy.

    Welcome to change, it is constant…

    • Strongly agree, Toby. Change management is definitely an area I think is often overlooked, which why I hope my blog can help to generate conversations highlighting its importance.



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